About Our Speakers

Dr. Dean Roberts- FIRST Chesapeake’s Board Chair

 Beyond being FIRST Chesapeake’s board chair, Dr. Roberts is the Market Analysis Executive and senior analyst of the business aviation market at Rolls-Royce North America. He has also volunteered for FIRST Chesapeake as both an FRC and FTC judge.

Mark Smith, Director of Government Relations, George Mason University

Smith, Mark Photo

Mark Smith joined George Mason University as Executive Director of State Government Relations in August of 2013 after having spent nearly two decades leading government relations efforts at Virginia Commonwealth University.  In addition to his experience in academia, Mr. Smith completed an additional decade of service to the Commonwealth, including having served as Assistant Secretary of Education, Executive Assistant for the Secretary of Transportation and Public Safety, Division Administrative Manager in the Attorney General’s Office, and as a staffer for both the Virginia House and Senate Clerk’s Offices which are responsible for the daily operations of the General Assembly.

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