About FRC Team 422

Our advocacy journey began with inviting VA Secretaries of Education and other officials to our build room for tours, and it has slowly grown to more and more organized efforts. A few years ago, we attended the FIRST National Advocacy Conference and met with some of our national-level officials.

Additionally, we hosted a Legislative Open House to advocate for FIRST on a local, state, and national level in 2019; showing off our robot and discussing what FIRST is and how robotics has impacted our lives. Last year, we represented FIRST Chesapeake on an online Twitch stream, discussing our advoacy efforts on FIRST Updates Now for the Student Advocacy Conference of Texas (SACOT) and FRC Team 2468.

We hope to make Virginia Advocacy Conference (VAAC) a fun experience for FRC and FTC teams across the Commonwealth and equip them with the tools to start their own advocacy programs.

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