Our student-run robotics team has a corporate leadership structure of elected officers and sub-team leaders that direct our build and competition season. Learn more about each of our sub-teams!


The build room, with its metals and machines, is this sub-team’s home. It works to train individuals to use tools like CNC mill, and tirelessly constructs both a practice bot and our competition bot during the season; without it, we wouldn’t have a robot!


The programming subteam works diligently to make sure its members understand all the fundamentals behind coding and helping them work through logical problems. They spend significant effort breaking down problems into smaller, simplified tasks that can be more easily solved. The programming team is building small segments of software which can be readily reused. They emphasize the DRY principle as well as writing code for maintainability. When all of this comes together, the team is able to bring the work of the build and electrical departments to life.


The invaluable electrical subteam works to connect Build and Programming in one robot. Students determine and implement the wiring, check the wheels, and lead technician efforts. They also test the pneumatics and ensure nothing explodes!


FRC Team 422 really is about more than just the robot; the Outreach subteam works year-round to give back and promote STEM in the community, raise funds, and document team activities. Divided into essential components like Events, Awards, Fundraising/Marketing, FLL Mentoring, and Media, it keeps our team alive and running!


Safety FIRST! Our team’s Safety Subteam ensures that our members utilize safe practices both inside and outside of the build room by developing safety regulations and policies, and instilling a culture of safety in the team.